Poems by Wm. Gill Mills written and published in The Advocate in Gilroy, CA


 (Pub. 1/16/1869)

Lessons From the Storm Clouds

By William Gill Mills


Though storm clouds gather o’er our head

         Like vengeful sprites communing,

And winds on rapid pinions spread

         A death-like dirge attuning

Though chills attack the shrinking frame

         That seems of life aweary,

While every scene by field and stream

         Is comfortless and dreary


Yet soon the teeming clouds will burst

         Their vapory-margined river,

And nalture, thus with plenty nursed,

         Will smile and thank the Giver.

The piercing blasts will genial be,

         Like babes at rest reclining,

As Sol peeps forth, for night nor day

         Nor clouds prevent his shining.


Thus, when the path of life appears

         By clouds and storms attended,

And distant scenes are viewed thro’ tears,

         And human hope’s suspended;

The Hand that stills the wildest storm,

         And wisely governs nature,

Will shield the humble heart from harm,

         And blessings give the creature.


And though our prospects may be dark,

         Our hopes afar be driven,

He that provided Noah’s ark

         Still rules in earth and heaven.

He keeps the bird that wings the air –

         Protects the fragile flower;

So we, the subjects of His care,

         Shall realize His power.


Gilroy, January 1869





(Pub. 2/20/1869)

Life’s Enjoyment

By William Gill Mills


Our life is mixed with joy and care,

         With pleasure and with pain;

And each the mingled cup must share

         That higher powers ordain;

But we the noble gift possess –

         Then use it while we may.

To sip the cup of happiness,

         And throw the dregs away.


The well taught mind this truth discerns –

         There’s good in all we view’

And rising in the being learns

         To seize the goodness too;

The end of life ordained for man,

         While loving truth and light,

Is to enjoy the most he can,

         And firmly cling to right.


Then while we have the powers bestowed,

         And scenes to gratify,

We’ll pluck the flowers on life’s rough road,

And thorns and weeds pass by.

For evils only die or grow

As we their life impart;

So let each seek the good to know

         And keep a happy heart.


Gilroy, February 1869