George Franklin and Maria Louisa Pickett Read Descendants

Contributed by Robert Leon Read, son of Robert Lock Read:   

To my knowledge not too much has been written about any of George Franklin Read and Maria Louisa Pickett's children:  

They were my father, Robert Lock Read,  Waldemar Pickett Read and Ulea Jane Read Wharton.  Obviously all have passed on. Robert Lock and wife, Cora Lucile Hammond are buried in Glenhaven Cemetery, San Fernando, Los Angeles, California.

Waldemar Pickett and Ethel Olson Read Family:

Waldemar and wife, Ethel Olson, are buried in the Salt Lake City Cemetery. I think Waldemar and Ethel Olson gave birth to four children:

Paul, who lives in the family homestead on East 1st South in Salt Lake City, (I do think he has never married).

Ronald Franklin, who lives here in San Diego with his wife.

Karen, whose husband passed away a few years ago and who is now living in Taos, New Mexico.

David, who lives in South Salt Lake area and who is a pilot for a company like UPS.

One sidelight---You may remember that in the April, 2000 General Conference the President of the General Relief Society spoke, and in her remarks she referred to a rather young wife who had just passed away in childbirth, and that she, the president, had visited the family at the viewing prior to the funeral. The girl had died, leaving 5 children (including that new infant.) The father of the baby (the husband) is the son of Ronald Franklin Read, noted above.  His name is Allen Read.

 I am pleased to note that Allen is getting married again, the day after Thanksgiving.  He is marrying the younger sister of his former wife. Like I say, just a sidelight, but I have known Allen since he was just a little boy, and we are glad there is going to be a happy ending to this one.
Uncle Waldemar was probably the most prominent of the three children of George Franklin and Maria Louisa Pickett Read, having earned a PhD. in Philosophy at the University of Chicago.  He taught that subject at the University of Utah for a long time.  He held the position of department chair for a number of years, and I understand a lecture hall at that school is named after him.

Ulea Jane Read Wharton Family:

Ulea passed away in Seattle a number of years ago and is buried there.  Also buried there, I think, is her only child, Andrew Wharton.

Robert Lock and Cora Lucile Hammond Read Family:

Their family consisted of 8 children--5 girls and 3 boys.  The 5 girls were born before the 3 boys came along.  Robert Lock and Cora Lucile Hammond Read were married in 1920 in the Salt Lake Temple. Children came along about every 1 1/2 to 2 years, except for the last boy.

The girls are (were):

Ilene--oldest child and the first of the five girls.  Born in Twin Falls--married 5 times--bore 5 daughters, two by first husband, Oral  Irving, and 3 by Wayne Cleverly.  Married 3 times after Wayne died.
LeIsle--2nd oldest--also born Twin Falls--Married twice-adopted 3 children.  A very dysfunctional family.  Second husband (Harold Dobbs) was a military man--finally moved to Marianna, Florida.

(Both Ilene and LeIsle were killed in the same automobile accident that happened when Ilene and her last husband were visiting LeIsle and Harold in Florida.  They are buried in the Bountiful, Utah, Cemetery.

Naomi--3rd daughter--married Reed Mott Pierce about the time World War 2 ended.  She served in the Navy WAVES during the war- The two met while riding on a bus reporting to their duty stations in California. Naomi died about 1 1/2 years ago and is buried along side her husband in the Wasatch Lawn Cemetery in Salt Lake City.  They had 4 children, all but one living in the Salt Lake Area.
Roberta-4th daughter- lives in West Jordan, Utah--never married--has had bad health for a number of years.  Is 75 years old now.
Clytie-- (interesting name)-- 5th daughter-- lives in West Valley City, Utah--Had 3 boys, adopted another.   Married Joseph Wm. Wilkinson (deceased)-- sung in Tabernacle Choir for a number of years, Temple worker, Stake Relief Society President, 15 years, served as missionary after husband died.  Is very active musically.  Is 73 years of age.

Robert Leon-- (me)  first boy after 5 girls.  Born Salt Lake City on the 'avenues' in 1928.  Lived in Salt Lake City until the age of 17. Januasry 1947 moved to Los Angeles with my father so he could work with and for Max Rollo Tolman who was half owner of a large Landscape Company.  If you see pictures of the Los Angeles LDS Temple, it was originally landscaped by Max's Company.  My dad and brother also worked on the crew.  My father became the first groundskeeper for that temple until he died.

I married Jenna Vee Stockings in Salt Lake City and eventually settled in San Diego.  Still alive (Whew!!!)

George Franklin--born 1929-Salt Lake City-lives in Rose Park section of Salt Lake City with wife, Joyce.  They have two children.  He worked for the Salt Lake Water department until retirement.  He was severely wounded in battle during the Korean War.

Don Clifford- (last one)--born in Salt Lake City 1934--lives in Magna, Utah.  Married Patricia Robinson--she died early last spring.  Had 2 children.  Pat is buried in the same cemetery as 2 of my mother's brothers (Marion and Clifford).  

Thank heaven there aren't any more.  Five of the eight still survive and are in fairly good health, except for Roberta.

Hope this will slake any curiosity as to the children.  There are 22 grandchildren and a number of great-grandchildren.

One of my sisters and I are going to write something about our father in the very near future.

We hope to be able to give you a few things, but although I knew George Franklin very well (I have a brother named after him) I did not know Maria Louisa.  She is supposed to have lived with our family at the time I was born but she died not long after that.  

 I have been to the Read/Pickett cemetery at Oakley, Idaho, and was quite concerned about the condition of the graves that grandfather and grandmother are in.  At that time their graves were at the edge of a roadway and many cars had run over them.  I asked some of my relatives if they would help me get some kind of border placed around them, but before anything could get done, my wife and I were sent by the LDS Church on a mission to the state of Georgia.  

 I understand now that the roadway has been closed and the cemetery administrators are trying to sell the former roadway as burial sites.  That has taken care of, at least, the problem of people driving over the headstones.

P.S.--It is a sad state of affairs in our family that we have never kept in touch with relatives.  The son of Waldemar Read also lives here in San Diego (a retired psychiatrist) is the only cousin in our big family that I actually know.