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    Roger Porter - Mar 10, 2001   Pickett/Piggott lines


Introduction:   Our Pigott (Piggot) line links with theirs anciently, (at least Robert Piggot: 1450s) so I thought their information was interesting on ancient family history:   Roger
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Welcome to THE PIGOTT CORPORATION Historical Research Program    
We seek to trace the PIGOTT family name, from the descendants of John Pigott the Elder of Darlington District(County), South Carolina prior to the American Revolutionary War, back through the British Isles and the Duchy of Normandy to their origins in Scandinavia in the Middle Ages and beyond as the Norse (Viking) family line Bygod.    
Our family landed in Scotland, East Anglia, and other coastal areas of the British Isles with the first Viking raiders, and spread throughout England, Scotland, Ireland, Normandy, and later Canada, New England, and the southern Colonies in the 1600s and early 1700s.    

William the Conqueror granted extensive family lands to the Pigotts for services to the Crown, in Scotland and Ireland. Ancient Pigott family castles are today in Bungay (Suffolk, East Anglia), in Scotland at Lord Seton and near River Tweed, and in Ireland at Castle Pigott (circa 1562) in Dysart, Queens County.    

Noted Pigotts included Sir George Pigott, 1st Baronet (1719-1777), who served as Governor of Madras, after his East India Service, and was owner of the celebrated Pigott Diamond. This diamond, a fabulous perfect blue-white, became part of the Crown Jewels of England. It weighed in at over 85 carats, and was bequeathed at his death to his brothers General Sir Robert Pigott, 2nd Baronet (1720-1796), and Admiral Hugh Pigott (1721-1792), and his sister Margaret. The original was auctioned by an Act of Parliament in 1803 by Christy's to the Ali Pasha, and can now be viewed at the Topkapi Palace Museum in Turkey as the Spoonmaker's Diamond, set with twin rows of 49 brilliant diamonds in gold. A replica of the diamond is housed in the Crown Jewels in the Tower in London, England and can be viewed on special occasions by the public.    

Sir Robert is known to have fought at Bunker Hill, despite the fact that by then most Pigotts in North America had become Revolutionaries instead of Loyalists and fought for the fledgling Colonial nation of the United States of America.    

The Pigott family tree is well and formally documented in a rare museum text, complete with photos and text descriptions of over twelve generations of Pigotts. I had the honor of working on this text with its late publisher, Frank Brown of Louisiana, in 1972-1976. It was published in 1976 as a large red-leather volume with gold lettering which read "Descendants of John Pigott the Elder", and sold out almost immediately.    

A new, updated, and vastly expanded publication of the Pigott Family History is planned for the end of this calendar year 1998, with the cooperation of surviving family members who are contributing exclusive family photographs of persons and historical places and information about the period of settlement and expansion of the family from the early 1700s throughout the 1800s and early 1900s into all parts of America and parts of Canada. Many of these photographs were loaned to Frank in 1976 for the first book, plus there are now newly-discovered photographs and entire family lines and branches not previously documented.    

During this seminal year of 1998, we issue a plea to all researchers and family members of the Pigott family line to contact us.    

Please, we need your help in contributing whatever information you may have about the Pigotts toward this historical endeavour to expand our original "Descendants of John Pigott the Elder" into a true "History of the Pigott Family in Europe and America"! With the modern resources of the global Internet at hand, and thus an easy method of gathering text, gedcom, and scanned photo file information, we earnestly hope that it will be possible to revise, expand, and publish such a new History by the end of this year 1998. PLEASE CONTACT US AND HELP US MAKE THIS MISSION A SUCCESS! Thank you most respectfully for your help!    

Randall Pigott  
President, The Pigott Corporation, Box 37, Riva MD 21140
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