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Louisa Pickett Porter and kids: Susan, Roger, Nancy
Heading Home! Left: Royal, Louisa;
Top:Lillian Winsor, Royal Pickett,
Louisa Pickett abt 1932
Louisa in front of Hotel Utah 1932
Iau Valley, Hawaii
Lillian Winsor and Louisa Pickett Just arrived in Hawaii to tour and bring home Elder Royal Pickett:  1932
17 yr. old Louisa Pickett as Gitana & Sarah Belle Lee(?) as Zingora in H.S. Operetta, "Marriage of Nannette" 1924
Young Louisa in front of school and closeup!
Very young Louisa Pickett
Si and Louisa Pickett Porter
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Susan and Roger
Roger, Louisa, Nancy
Nancy, Roger, Susan in front of S. Hayes Home

Left: Denny, Arilla, Roger, Nancy
Sarel, abt. 1932                               Louisa and Sarel
Sarel and sister Thora, after his mission
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History of Sarel O. Porter.doc
History of Sarel O. Porter.htm
             Gravesites,  Mesa Arizona
Sarel Orien Porter and Louisa Pickett Porter
Chris Porter at Porter Grandparents
and Blackhurst grave site location,
Mesa Arizona Cemetery
L: Louisa;
M: Louisa and Dot;
R: Louisa, Dot, Arilla