From the LDS Church
Historical Dept.,
15 Apr 1997, 
Patricia Miller copied
from microfilm the
following, which was
written in longhand
across two pages:

Mannie Pickett, Marion, Cassia, Utah.  Set apart: April 11, 1898, So. States. Returned: May 8, 1898 Sick. (Missionary Card File. Above written in longhand. More information in Book C. page 68l line 204 on microfilm.)
Mannie Pickett: Father: W. G. Mills, Mother: Louisa Pickett, born: Jan 4. 1876 at: Granite, Salt Lake, Ut. Ordained by: Adam G. Smith, Elder Ord Sev. from: Marion, Cassia, Co., ID. called to Southern Sts., returned: May 8, 1899 (sic: 1898) sick.
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Mannie Pickett: Mission Picture
April 1898; 22 years old and father of 7 months old Zella.
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Left: Mannie at eight with Mother Maria Louisa and her Tolman kids, Maria Louisa is 28;
Above: Mannie and his mother in 1922. Mannie is 45-46 and Maria Louisa is 65.
William Gill Mills, Father of
Mannie Pickett, and his wife,
Louisa Avelina Sleater.
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Mannie Pickett at daughter Louisa Porter's home in Overton, Nevada
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