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Dora Briggs and
Mannie Pickett
Four Generations!  Arilla, Kent, Maria Louisa, Mannie About 1922
Mannie, Dora, Beverly, Dot, Louisa, Bob Bjorkman
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Dot and Zella: 1923
Royal 1926 (16)
Dot age  18                          Louisa
Zella                      Arilla
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Dot,     Mannie,       Dora
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Mannie, Dora, Dot, Louisa
Mike, Pat
Mannie, Louisa, Dora, Pat, Bob, Dot, Beverly
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Dora, Dot, Arilla, Louisa, Zella
Pat and Mike at One
Pat and Mike about Four
Young Louisa about 13
Mannie and family at Dora's Funeral 16 July 1956:
Top: Dot, Zella, Louisa, and Arilla b/w  and color;
Bottom L: Bulo, Royal, Mike, Pat and Mannie;
Bottom R: Louisa, Zella, Royal, Dot, Pat, Arilla
               Bulo, Mannie, and Mike.
Louisa as a Teen