Maria Louisa, (cousins sometimes wrote it: Miria, with long second "I" Louise)  was the daughter of Priscilla Clark Pickett Wilford. (See history in: Tolman, Richard Lee, Ph.D.,"The Life and Times of English Immigrant Priscilla Clark Pickett Pickett Wilford," National Genealogical Society Quarterly 94 (December 2006) : 267-86) and George Pickett, born during their migration from England (See histories, below). Her half- siblings who survived and had families were: Jane Pickett, George Pickett and the three Wilford children, Sarah, Lily (Lillie,Lillian) Isabel, and William.  Three other siblings died as young children.  Her father George died in St. Louis and her mother Priscilla married twice more, to William Pickett and William Wilford. Priscilla was murdered in Carson City, Nevada after the death of William Wilford, leaving 5 children. 

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Maria Louisa's first child was Mannie Pickett
by her caretaker, William Gill Mills. She married Cyrus Ammon Tolman and had two children, Mary Elizabeth and George Orin Tolman, then divorced and married  George Franklin Read and had three more children, Waldemer Pickett  Read,  Ulea Jane Read,  and Robert Locke Read.  Their pictures and more complete histories are on this web site. She passed away in Twin Falls and is buried
in the Marion Pioneer Cemetery near Oakley.

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Welcome! We hope you will easily find family, histories and photos here which you can share with your family.  I am Roger Sarel Porter, great-grandson of Maria Louisa Pickett. You can reach me at porterhouse88 at cableone dot net or click on the "E-mail Me" button for any comments, corrections or suggestions.  Meanwhile, just click on the links to histories below and enjoy our family histories, or peruse the photos, & Enjoy!  If you have difficulty loading
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Maria Louisa Pickett, Tolman, Read
with the Read Children L-R: Ulea Jane (youngest), Robert Locke; and Waldemar Pickett (curls). See more Read photos on the Read page!
Many thanks to Patricia Miller for these pictures!
Below: Maria Louisa Pickett Tolman with Mannie Pickett, left,  
Mary Elizabeth Tolman, Right; George Orin Tolman on lap. See more Tolman photos on the Tolman page!
Miriah Louise Pickett by Patricia Miller.doc
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Historical notations in Bible of Priscilla Clark Pickett Wilford: Names and birthdates of Wilford Children (below) and marriage date to William Wilford (right).
Are any Tolman
Family Pictures or
histories available?
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Priscilla Clark Pickett Wilford's Wedding Dress (Wilford Wedding)
Modeled by Daughter of Patricia Glenn Miller. 
A History of Mannie Pickett.doc
A History of Mannie Pickett.htm
Marion, Idaho, Cemetery:
Maria Louisa Pickett Read Burial Site
Priscilla Clark Pickett Wilford Murder Account.htm
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Maria Louisa at 8 years and as "Grandma Read"
Autobiography of Louisa Pickett Porter.doc
Autobiography of Louisa Pickett Porter.htm
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See also an excellent biography including posterity in: Tolman, Richard Lee, Ph.D.,"The Life and Times of English Immigrant Priscilla Clark Pickett Pickett Wilford," National Genealogical Society Quarterly 94 (December 2006) : 267-86.
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Autobiographical Sketch:

Copied by Roger Porter from: "Louisa Read               Autobiographical Sketch,"  in LDS Individual Histories, Idaho, 2:258-259. (Her own handwriting!) Pocatello FHC, microfiche #620613.  Note: She listed her birthdate differently from other published records and she writes her full name as "Maria Louisa."

Name: Louisa Pickett Read
Born at: St. Louis Mo 29 Nov 1856
Bapt by: Nephi Draper 20 Jan 1878
Conf by: George Burridge " "   "
Schooling Commenced at: Carson Valley
Graduated: Salt Lake City
Md. to: Frank Read
by: A. G. Smith at Marion ID 21 Aug 1891
Endowed at: Endowment House 12 Dec 1878
Patr. Blessing by: J. Roberry & (?) Wilson
Vocation: House keeping some school             teaching
Ht: 5 ft (?)  Wt: 115   Chest: 36
Eyes: Blue  Hair: Brown
Health: Average but not strong.
Specially interested in: Improvement of human
Important events, etc.:  Married in endowment      house at time of endowing to Cyrus Ammon      Tolman who was afterwards                              excommunicated from the Church.
Was set apart as secretary of Relief                 Society of Cassia Stake at the time of its          organization serving in that capacity about         5 years or till disabled by sickness.
Residence: Twin Falls ID
Father: George Pickett
Mother: Priscilla Clark Pickett
Children: Louisa died in infancy
   Maria Louisa (Myself)
   (Mother's children by 2nd marriage)
   Sarah Wilford
   William Wilford
   Lillie Wilford
   (Father's children by 1st marriage)
   James Pickett
   Mary Pickett
   Jane Pickett
Wilford Family information from an email from Wilford family cousin, Tom Kupka,  Nov 2, 2006:
It is so nice to hear from someone digging through the archives looking for similar information. (Tom's wife descends from William through William, Severa and Severa Jr..)

I have William Wilford born about 1822 somewhere in England and died January 1869, place unknown.  William and Priscilla had 3 children: Sarah Wilford, William Wilford and Lillian Isabel Wilford.
Sarah Wilford was born on September 26, 1864 in Carson City, Nevada.  She married a man whose last name was Briggs, but I don’t know anything else about him.  I have a letter she wrote dated August 11, 1908 but only referred to her husband as Mr. Briggs.  I don’t know when she passed.
Lillian Isabel Wilford was born October 4, 1868 also in Carson City, Nevada.  Somewhere about 1886 she married Isaiah Sutherland.  Isaiah was born about 1866 in Utah and died sometime between 1920 and 1930.  I found a 1920 US census record for them which stated they had a step daughter named Alice Thomas.  She would have been born about 1908 in Nevada.  I don’t have Lillian’s death date.
William Wilford was born September 9, 1866 in Carson City, Nevada.  On July 3, 1895 he married Mattie Jane Grandbois in Carson City, Nevada.  I have a copy of their marriage certificate.  Mattie was born July 18, 1876 in St. Louis Sierra County, California.  They had 2 sons and a daughter.  Francis William Wilford (b: 20 Apr 1896; d: 05 Jan 1986), Severa Louis Wilford (b: 17 Aug 1897; d: 09 Jun 1976) and Isabel Lillian Wilford (Azevedo) (b: 23 May 1903; d: 07 Jun 1987).  William died February 17, 1949 in Santa Rosa, California.  Mattie died on October 17, 1960 in Novato California.
I have attached William Wilford and Mattie Jane Grandbois’ marriage certificate.  It’s nice to see something that old had stood the test of time.  Looking forward to your reply,  Tom Kupka

Some Wilford family Information provided by Richard Tolman in: Tolman, Richard Lee, Ph.D.,"The Life and Times of English Immigrant Priscilla Clark Pickett Pickett Wilford," National Genealogical Society Quarterly 94 (December 2006) : 267-86.

pp. 282-4: Sarah Wilford birth date and place same as above. Was left with her sister Maria Louisa Pickett in Gilroy Ca. with William and Louisa Mills prior to her mother's murder. Moved with them to Salt Lake City where she met and married a career soldier stationed at Fort Douglas, John Casper Lanno, 2 October 1886.  The family moved to New York, and her husband was killed while on duty near Truckee, Ca., 28 April 1899, and he is buried in the Military Cemetery in Benicia, Ca. They had seven children.  Unable to sustain all her children, she placed two of them in St. John's Orphan Asylum in West Seneca, NY and the two oldest were maintained with farmers in Eden Center, NY. She worked in Buffalo, NY, Kansas City, MO and finally back in Salt Lake City working as laundress and maid. She committed suicide 2 November 1918 at Salt Lake City and was buried in the Salt Lake Cemetery November 13th.
pp. 284-5: William M. Wilford  birth and death dates and places and information on marriage and children same as above. William lived and worked with his brother George Pickett in Verdi, NV after his parents' deaths, moving to Vallejo, CA about 1900
pp. 285-6: Lilla Isabel "Lil" Wilford birth date and place same as above. Died sometime after 1951 presumably in Rupert, ID. Married Henry Heidenreich (b: January 1857, Iowa) 31 October 1886 in Carson City. Divorced before 1907. Married Jesse Allen Thomas at Reno, NV, 22 November 1910, who died 22 November 1912. Married Isaiah Sutherland at Ely Nevada 26 August 1917. Separated and worked in Los Angeles and finally in Idaho, according to cousin Jane Pickett. She had three children, Arthur Carl Heidenreich (b: 4 September 1887), Isabella Heidenreich (b: June 1890), and Alice J. Thomas (b: September or October 1908).

Interesting that both of these cousins have listed Lily's name differently (Lillian and Lilla) than her mother listed her in the bible (Lily) and in her autobiography (Lillie).

See William Wilford and Jane Grandbois marriage certificate below (Thanks Tom Kupka!)

Lily's name:
Here in Bible was listed "Lily"
1920 Census was listed "Lillie"
Maria Louisa listed it as "Lillie" (above)
Restored photo of Young Maria Louisa Pickett
Thanks to Paul Wharton, grandson
of Ulea Jane Read!
Maria Louisa, Mannie Pickett, Arilla and Kent Blackhurst - 4 generations!
Jane Marie Pickett Barker,
half sister to Maria Louisa Pickett,
only surviving child of George Pickett and Maria Jarvis